Thursday, November 4, 2010

Headed to my race!

This is it guys--last post before my last big race of the year! I head out tomorrow for sunny California. I am excited and just a tiny bit apprehensive. But mostly excited.

I've had two great runs this week, and great for two totally different reasons.

Run #1: great because it was fast and it was with a tough runner co-worker I've never run with. I really admire her as a runner. She's a little faster than me at the half and she's a very consistent runner. I was sort of scared to run with her because I thought she might be too fast for me. But seriously, it was an amazing run. We were fast and talked and had a great time.

Run #2: great because I got to do a fun runner thing--reintroduce a co-worker to running. She did one or two half-marathons sometime a long time ago, but hadn't run since 2004. She's been talking about wanting to get back into it a bit, so I invited her to join me on the track while I do speed workouts. She couldn't come last week and since I did a tempo workout yesterday, I didn't need to do a track workout today. So instead, we just headed toward downtown doing a walk/jog. We covered 1.9 miles and I think she felt really winded, but really good about it. It was awesome to get to be part of that!

626.2 + 4.5 + 1.9 = 632.6 miles

Ok, wish me luck everyone! Race report (and some pictures) to come next week!


Stephanie said...

Good luck! The weather has been fabulous in Northern California, and I hope it will still be great for your race. I have run part of your route, and it is fantastic. I think you are going to have a great weekend. Don't sweat the hills... they are exhilarating!

Damaris said...

Good luck, Joanna!! Enjoy California and earn another PR!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Good luck in Cali..........