Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Melt, baby, melt!

Two runs to post: Sunday's 7-miler long run and today's outdoor run.

Sunday's 7-miler was a little bit heartbreaking. I missed my goal pace by 2 seconds, averaging 9:24/mile. I'm going to blame the treadmill for a little bit of that. When I got to one hour, it automatically went into cool-down mode, downgrading the speed to a walk. I kept changing it back, but it kept resetting to cool-down every minute after that point, so that messed with the pace some. Plus it was pretty frustrating. But overall, it was a good run.

Today I GOT TO RUN OUTSIDE!! Enough of the ice has melted that I could run in the streets and occasionally on the sidewalks. I haven't been feeling great, so I went easy on myself. I put in 3.8 miles. I'm starting to think, just a little bit, that maybe a Garmin would be helpful after all. I'm sort of against it in principle, but it would help with pacing while outdoors. It's something to think about.

Mileage: 60.0 + 7.0 + 3.8 = 70.8

We're starting to get some traction in the moving process. We're making headway in getting the house cleaned up and ready to list, and we're getting a handle on how the logistics of everything will probably work out. Mr. Joanna and I have been painting and packing and sending things to Goodwill. Moving is a whole different ballgame now than in college, when both ends of the move involved rentals, no kids, and all of my possessions fit into maybe 2 cars or the smallest moving truck. I'll post some before and after pictures of our dining room later this week.

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