Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DIY house staging

We are in the thick of it with staging our house and getting it ready to put on the market. I've watched enough HGTV (and my father is formally trained in these matters) to know that we need to remove our personal photos and neutralize anything too bold. Today I took on a DIY project involving personal photos. Below is a picture of the corner of our bedroom next to my dresser. On the wall I had a set of three frames, one with my first race medal (Chicago Distance Classic, '07), one with a picture of Mr. Joanna and me from when we were first married, and one of a painting my father did many years ago. They are all personal, and they all needed to be packed.

To replace them, I took an old frame The Bestie gave me (incidentally, the frame was also a DIY project--she made it using a flower press I gave her and an Ikea frame, I think) that had been hanging in our bathroom. The pictures in this are also deeply personal--a picture taken near our house here, a picture of my two best friends, and a picture of my native West Virginia. I removed the three pictures and put them in safe storage.

Using my Slice and the Wedding design card, I made three 4x6" cards that say "kiss," "love," and "dream" and inserted them into the frame. And just like that, my corner of the bedroom is staged! The whole project, including dismantling and reassembling the frame, removing the old pictures, and making the new cards, took about 40 minutes and probably cost about five cents. Not bad!


Run Jess Run said...

It looks great!! I, too, watch HGTV religiously and keep trying to explain to my parents the importance of staging. They are getting ready to sell their house soon, but it looks like 1985 and almost 30 years of memories threw up in their. They think people will like it as is.

mrs. fisher's findings said...

Good thinking Joanna! Very crafty of you!