Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pictures to go with the Elliot update

My friend CH asked for photos to accompany the last blog update. Pictures really do enhance blog posts, so, I shall oblige! First up is a picture of Elliot playing his game outside the half-bath door. Brendan is in there, ready for the jar lid to come under the door. I love it! I'll miss this when he outgrows it.

I realized after writing the last post that I'd overlooked Elliot's funniest quirk: OCD-esque obsessions. Here are pictures of a few of my favorites. I love these! First, Elliot's beloved seed packets, which I think I've mentioned before. He loves playing with these, but sort of panics if he thinks he doesn't have a chance to put them away when he's finished. They belong in the drawer. Period.

And flashlights must be stored upright. He will take them out of their drawer and do this if they are stored horizontally.

He also strongly prefers that his cup be in a cupholder if possible, which might be my favorite of these traits. I hope it translates into coaster use later in life.

And finally, canisters must also be stored upright, and stacked on on top of another. If they are stored in multiple stacks, he will take them all out and stack them together on the floor, or try to restack them without taking them out of the cabinet.


Anonymous said...

I love the OCD quirks. They're sweet!

jchaas said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!
loved the photos, especially the first one...
how adorable and what great memories you already have :)
Happy, blessed Holidays!

MJ said...

I loved that you have recorded these quirks!