Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tonight we ran like crazy people

I don't have enough good things to say about running this week. I seem to be on a multi-day runner's high. But let me back up. On Saturday, Meg and I ran the slowest 6 miles I think we've ever done, and it hurt (for me, at least. I think she was fine). My calves still felt shredded from the race. I babied them through the rest of the weekend and through the day on Monday. Then Monday night I went for my early-week run....and just let it all out. I tore through a 3.9 mile course. If it was hot or humid, I honestly didn't even notice. The sunset was beautiful. I felt great. It was a perfect release from the admittedly overwhelming anxiety I'm feeling right now in other aspects of life.

Yesterday I did yoga. It's good for the soul, the legs, and even the upper body. I felt good about it.

Tonight at the track, we ran like crazy people. The workout went like this:
1 x 1000 m. (0.62 miles)
1 x 2000 m. (1.25 miles)
2 x 1000 m. with a 400 walk break in between (2 x 0.62 miles)
Total: 3.1 miles (plus a 0.75 mi. warm-up and cool-down)

We held a respectable pace through the first 1000 m. Meg led the way through a grinding 2000 m. interval (I don't know what the total time was, but the mile portion of it was 8:20 I think). Then Allison and I positively tore through the last two 1000 m. intervals. We ran 1:50ish quarters, 3:45ish 800s (I can't really remember the times, but it's around there somewhere--Coach Mike, feel free to interject here). And, hold on to your hats, it was great. I had SO much fun doing it. I feel like I'm on top of my game. I feel good. I seem to have found my happy running place.

Tomorrow is a rest day, then Friday morning I'll do a few easy miles. Saturday is a 14 mile long run.

All of this keeps me sane.

218.2 + 2.5 + 6.0 + 3.85 + 4.6 = 235.2

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Unknown said...

Your last two 1000s were 4.35 and 4.36. Crazy fast for the end of a tough interval workout. You AM tore it up. Excellent job.