Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting to know Elliot

The other day as I was getting something out of the oven, I remembered being pregnant and telling my friend Marla how odd it seemed to grow a person in my belly and know only two things about them: it was a boy and he hated heat. Remembering that moment, I decided I wanted to stop and record the things I know about him now, at 14 months.
  1. He loves anything on wheels. On walks, he inspects every parked car. He also loves toy cars and trucks.
  2. He loves being read to, especially right before bedtime.
  3. He's a talker! Sometimes he lectures us, sometimes he's telling jokes, sometimes stories--all in unintelligible baby garble, of course!
  4. He's blond, with dark blue eyes that have small brown rings. His eyes and (I think) mouth are shaped like mine, but overall he looks more like Brendan. He has Brendan's nose and coloring. He has awesome dimples.
  5. On his play & learn table he shows a consistent preference for the banjo music/movement to the other instruments.
  6. He loves to dig things out of his toy box, sometimes to the point of almost falling into the toy box.
  7. Cell phones and remote controls are his cryptonite.
  8. He loves applesauce.
  9. The blue lids that come on Ziploc disposable storage containers are lots of fun. We almost never have many in the drawer because every day he takes them out to play with them. After slobbering on them, he even sometimes puts them back. :)
  10. He hates grass. I have no idea why. He will play with grass clippings, but will not voluntarily walk on grass and screams if you put him on the lawn, sometimes even with shoes on. He finds it especially not entertaining to be put in the yard and then sprinkled lightly by the garden hose on a hot day.
  11. His most coveted toy is the grill. He simply does not understand why he can't play with it, and that pisses him off.
  12. There are only two things Elliot consistently dislikes. The first is grass (see above). The second is knowing that someone is in the bathroom. It matters not whether he's home with both parents or just one of us. If either of us goes into the half bath and closes the door, he takes up his post, where he hits the door, tries to cram his hands underneath, and talks/yells at whoever is in the bathroom. Why? I have no idea. It sounds annoying, but it's actually really cute.
  13. He loves dogs. There are a few at daycare that are great with the kids and vice versa.
  14. Every time he sneezes, he smiles or laughs.
  15. We think he could find a bag of Cheerios in the middle of a corn field (we live in IL)
Those of you who see him, please feel free to add to this list!


Anonymous said...

I love this post, and reading about all of Elliot's little quirks. He sounds like a wonderful boy. :)

MJ said...

OH, that's right. I remember how he would wriggle when you got close to the oven.
Great post and an awesome glimpse in to his personality!!