Tuesday, January 27, 2009

time check

In an effort to not run a very predictable 3 miles twice a week, Meg and I try to mix things up. First, there was last week's fast mile. Yesterday we timed ourselves to get a sense of where we are. We're vaguely tossing around the idea of doing a 5k this spring, since we can mostly train indoors and stay sane. I was more than pleased with our time: 26:13 for 3.0 miles. That's about a 27:09 5k, which would be my fastest (I haven't run a timed 5k since high school, remember). I was very pleased with our time! I think that if we do a 5k my goal might be to beat 26 minutes. That seems attainable. Cumulative mileage: 12 miles.

As to the everyday, well, today is off to a stellar start--I forgot to put on my makeup (thank you, Meijer, on the way to work!) and Brendan forgot to pack Elliot's bottles. I have big things planned for today, so hopefully things will turn themselves around.

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MJ said...

Look on the bright side - now you have make-up to keep in your office as a back up.

I hope your day looks up and you knock some things off your list.