Thursday, November 6, 2008

weather's turning

My beyond crazy schedule is making it ever-more difficult to find the time to get a run in every day. The only way it was going to happen today (which was making up for yesterday's missed run) was to get up early and head out. It was gorgeous. The sky was clear along the horizon during sunrise. I could tell that it would be an overcast morning, but it wasn't yet. It was cool out, maybe 55, but not cold. Shorts and a long-sleeved shirt were all I needed. Then, even by the time I left the house for work the weather had started to turn. Most of the day was vaguely damp and unpleasant. That made me appreciate my early morning run even more. There was a slim piece of beautiful today, and I savored it.

I don't want to make this an Elliot blog, but every now and then I just can't resist. He has a new favorite toy: a shiny silver bow. That's right. As in a bow you would put on a Christmas present. He is completely mesmerized by it.

I love that little boy.

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