Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Recap

Miles ran: 123.2, making this my fourth month in a row above 100 miles!! I'm at just shy of 600 miles for the year. Woohoo!!

# Runs: 21

Favorite Run: Easily the Utah Valley Half!! Gorgeous course, a wonderful visit from one of my favorite runner girls, and a new PR. What's not to love??

Other notable runs: Last week I did my first all-out 1 mile time trial in about 4 years, and I crushed my standing PR, finishing in 6:26!! What a rush!

Other workouts: Zero. Nada. Zilch. Unless you count short hikes and bike rides under 2 miles. I KNOW.

Training update: I'm into my third week of training for marathon #4: Top of Utah. My theme is FOUR UNDER FOUR. It's my 4th full and I really would love to get 'er done in under 4 hours. Given my races this spring, it seems like a feasible goal. So far, this training cycle has been easier than the peak of my half-marathon training. I'm kind of enjoying that, and also looking forward to really pushing myself later in the schedule. I've got 16 on deck for Saturday. It's been a long time since I went that long!

Current need: I don't usually include a "current need" section, but I do need help. I need new running blogs to read. I used to have a good group of them, but a few bloggers abandoned ship, and a few others got too good to respond to comments. I need some good new reads. Please recommend some of your faves!

House projects completed: I finished my niece's Christmas stocking. That's about it for things finished. We are ramping up right now to begin work in our office. We're planning to add shelving and cabinetry so that everything that's been in piles for the past year can be put away. I can't wait!

Other lovely things from life: Mr. Joanna and I attended a Fitz and the Tantrums show on Monday. We had so much fun!!! I LOVE living in the mountains and living in a city so we can do stuff like this. The best of both worlds.

Also, my nephew was born last week! Mom and baby are both doing great. I can't wait to meet him when I go to Florida here in a few weeks. Life is great.

How'd your June shape up?


Jodi H said...

Another awesome month girl! I'm a slacker blogger lately so I can't provide much reading pleasure. Lol

Black Knight said...

A very good month! High mileage and a PR, congrats!