Thursday, June 27, 2013

Need some input

Ok runners, I need some input. As you well know by now, the cross-country move is quickly approaching. Like, approaching faster than a newbie off the start line of a 13.1. My life-while-moving is a series of lists. Lists of lists. One such list is called "Things To Take by Car" aka "Things I Shouldn't Put on a Moving Truck." So here's the question: would you trust your race medals to a moving truck? Arguments to put them on the truck: they are durable and they are not, by any market standard, worth a fortune. Reasons to put them in my car (which I'm driving across the country): they are irreplaceable and they are relatively small. What do you think??


Elle said...

I kind of think it's a tossup. Put them where you think they will be the most safe. Good luck with your move.

Jen Feeny said...

I cannot help but crack up at this post! Do you trust the moving truck to get the rest of your belonging to your new home? If so, I think you'll be fine. LOL! xoxo

Erin Bockoven-Troll said...

I know this isn't input based on your blog, but just wanted you to know that I've posted a couple more we can blog stalk each other...again! :)