Monday, December 27, 2010

Rule 104.3B

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Personally, I ate my way through the entire Detroit region and had a great time doing it. I even ran one day on the hotel treadmill--oh yeah! My family did a vaguely-white elephantish-stocking stuffer exchange, where we all bought three random items less than $5/each and traded them amongst ourselves (kids' stocking stuffers were chosen much more intentionally). Among my items, I took a pair of red and white women's knee-high socks with white faux fur around the top. I was really hoping my Dad would get them, but no such luck. But that was actually my third gift exchange of the season. One was with my boys (and MJ & family by phone) before we left, and one was before that, with The Beastie.

I love her to pieces. I really do. We were young enough when we met that we exchanged Christmas and birthday gifts. We have continued this tradition and we always have fun with it. Our birthdays are only 4 days apart, so it's sort of a semi-annual party tradition. Anyway, this year, since we live far apart, we mailed the gifts then had a Skype gift exchange. Complete with this photo of us in front of her Christmas tree. Silly? Maybe. Fabulous? Absolutely.

What do you do to keep in touch with far-away friends?

So, Blogger Rule 104.3B, as invoked by TnT Coach Ken: if you blog it, you must follow through. Yeah, yeah, guys, I know. I'm ridiculous for obsessing over the difference between 720 and 730 miles. I get it. But do you know how much it would bother me to run 727 miles and know I was *this close* to what I said I was going to do? Have you ever read my self-description on this blog? Compulsive over-achiever. Stick with me until the end of the week--let's see how close I can come. Right now I'm at 713.6. Hellooooooo treadmill!

And....race announcement coming later this week! Stay tuned.


TNTcoach Ken said...

LMAO! Okay, now I'm curious how this story will end.

Kel said...

you gotta do it, joanna. i've gathered that we're enough alike in this respect that, if you don't, you'll always have a mental asterisk next to "2010" when you think about annual running goals, even though you managed to run MORE THAN SEVEN HUNDRED MILES IN A SINGLE YEAR. (i obviously find your performance-to-date overwhelmingly impressive, but i still get the need to meet a goal to the letter.)

Run Jess Run said...

Yay for race announcements:)

Anonymous said...

Love goals!! Go get them!!

Unknown said...

I have no doubt you will do it. 17 miles in 4 days - 4 miles per day. Piece of cake for the running studette you are.

Can't wait to hear the race announcement. I have one I am already signed up for, start training for a second one next year and thinking, just thinking about two others.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love that photo :)