Sunday, July 25, 2010

I thought those were warnings!

"I thought those were warnings!"
"They were warnings"
"No one warned me."

Anyone? Anyone know that movie? Clue: Vaughn and Stiller. And I love it.

But seriously, this heat. I was warned. I was told when I interviewed here that the summers are hotter even than in ATL and other cities you'd expect to be insanely hot. I was warned. But I didn't, truthfully, believe it. I thought, oh sure, I've lived in hot places before. I lived in Phoenix one summer. I can handle this. This is not a big deal.

Wrong. This is a big deal. We were under an "Excessive Heat Warning" for most of last week. The city has set up shelters for people who live without air conditioning. People died. This is serious heat.

What does that mean for yours truly? Yesterday at 6:30am I headed out for a 10-miler. The first 4.5 or so weren't too bad. I actually kind of enjoyed them. It got miserable after that. I was running through sprinklers and poured water over my head to cool off a few times. What didn't occur to me until I got in the shower (wincing) was that wet fabric (even technical fabric) rubs more...and eventually that becomes problematic. I'm glad I got through the run. It was pretty critical for my training cycle. High five for that.

335.2 + 3.9 + 10.2 = 349.3 miles

AND...I promised pictures of the crazy beautiful neighborhood I've been running through. Today I took the babe for a walk through that neighborhood, so I can finally share!

I don't want to over-sell. Not every house in the neighborhood is like these. But enough of them are that when you walk, run, or drive through, you can't help but stare just a little. Welcome to New Running Path #2.


mrs. fisher's findings said...

Those are awesome houses!!

Damaris said...

Beautiful! And good job on powering through that 10-miler!! :)

Stephanie said...

How do you motivate yourself to do it? It has been hot here, and I just can't get my shoes laced to do my long runs.

Kudos to you for such great self discipline!

Run Jess Run said...

Holy pretty houses!! Stay cool!!

Anonymous said...

wow, gorgeous!!

(i miss you, too :-( )