Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just to be clear....we're frenemies

I have a short story to share with you. It's changed my world.

Last Wednesday at the track during our cool-down, I had the following conversation with RunningFirst.
Me: "So, just to be clear, are we competing with each other at Lewis & Clark?"
RunningFirst: "What do you mean? Are we?"
Me: "Well, our goal times are pretty much the same. And we're both a little competitive. And we tend not to race together. So, to be totally clear, are we competing with each other? I'm perfectly happy if we're not, but I want to know it if we are."
RunningFirst: "Maybe on the inside I'm gunning for you. On the outside, we're friends. But that's all surface level. Deep down inside, though..."
Me: "We're what, frenemies now?"

And then, as if in a subliminal bid to solidify this new status, he blogged me out of town. I am in fact, still here. I am here for 8 more days, which includes 2 more Team workouts. Mr. Joanna tells me that I have to accept the apology proffered in the comments section of his post. So, apology accepted, RunningFirst.

Running update
The appy appears to be a thing of the past. I did get to do my short run last Friday, but unfortunately had to do it at 11am...when it was 91 degrees and insanely humid. I had hoped to do 3.7ish, but decided it was unwise and headed home. Then Saturday I did a 6 mile long run with the Team. No pain at all!! It was hot and humid again. Sticky, really. But I just felt tougher for having done the run.

And today--I just came in from a 3.9 mile run. This was officially the first training run for the L&C training cycle!! I am SO excited about training. I think I can blow my standing marathon time out of the water.

275.2 + 2.6 + 6.0 + 2.9 = 286.7 miles

Our growing box collection
The house is slowly making its way into boxes. We have packed boxes everywhere. In the kitchen. The hallway. The babe's room. Our room. The basement. And yet I feel like I'm never going to get to the end of the unpacked mountain of stuff. This week is going to be a pack-a-thon/hang-out-with-my-kid-because-I-can-a-thon. My parents arrive Thursday to help finish the packing and I leave next Tuesday morning to go to the closing! (Moving Day itself for the household comes a little's complicated. We started a pool for bets on when my mom will start making flow charts to map out the move) I will keep you all updated with pictures as all this craziness unfolds.


MJ said...

Thinking of you and hoping that all is falling in to place! I'm looking forward to flow chart updates!

Unknown said...

LOL. I am smiling. I am sure we will run together at L&C for as long as I can keep up with you. You are the better runner and much better, exceptional, dedicated trainer than I.

There never was any menace meant and I consider you a dear friend. I know you have days left here. I will see you at track this week and maybe next (and maybe Sat 26th).

I will give you the last water and any stop along the way. So my dear running comrade, friends we are and friends we shall remain no matter the miles or the running event.

Run Jess Run said...

Good luck with the move!!! Hope you guys don't get buried alive by boxes!

Jen Feeny said...

Moving and Frenemies, I know them both well... Good luck with the move!!!