Saturday, April 24, 2010

Commence the taper

Yesterday it rained. Today it's raining. Tomorrow it will rain. But for a brief few hours this morning, it stopped. Just long enough for everyone to get out and do their long run. So after a flurry of text messages between Meg, The Gangsta, and me at 7am, we agreed to give it a go.

Thanks to all the rain, it was MUGGY when we started at 8am. The sun helped burn that off though, and by the time we were finished it was downright lovely running weather. We put in 8 miles before heading to Panera to enjoy our faves--breakfast sandwiches and smoothies. YUM.

And now begins the taper. A week of easy and reduced running before race day. A week of freaking out about everything that could go wrong. A week of worrying whether the taper itself is destroying my endurance and speed. A week of anticipation. Then we race.

223.5 + 8.0 = 231.5 miles


Run Jess Run said...

Wishing you a panic-free taper!

Damaris said...

"Panic-free taper".... I always thought the existence of such a thing was a myth! :)

Breakfast was great, usual. I'm really gonna miss these days once summer rolls around and we're all in different cities.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ah yes, the taper.........

muse said...

Great to read blogs about running.
I intend to get back to running very soon.
Thanks for the blog it is inspiring