Friday, January 15, 2010

Familiarity and down time

Work has been going at an insane pace recently. In the tiny windows of opportunity that have come up, I've been grateful for the chance to run. On Tuesday of this week I got in a 6 mile run (I was overdue for a longish run) and today I did 4.6, outside. It was 34 degrees and the streets were no longer icy. Today's run was an example of how rooted our lives are in this place. In the span of 4.6 miles I saw three people I knew--the mail delivery woman (she goes to our church), a custom draperies installer I know, and one of the guys that built our house.

My run today was made possible by my taking the day off. Though I was away from work for some time around Christmas, there was virtually no alone time, or real down time in it. On top of the insane pace I've been keeping recently, a small breather was very much needed. The day went by much too quickly and left me wanting another. Aside from my run, I also slept in (a lot) and finished one scrapbooking layout I've been working on. I just really appreciated the time.

Mileage update:
10.2 + 6 + 4.6 = 20.8

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