Monday, November 23, 2009


As the IT band issues in my right knee have started to recede, I've felt what I thought was a bit of similar tightness along the outside of my left knee. I've been stretching it and hoping for the best. Well, on Thursday I took running clothes to work with me. Unfortunately I forgot to take a jacket and it was just a bit too cool outside to run in shorts and a t-shirt without a jacket, so I headed to the gym. With IT issues, I thought it best to avoid running on a track, so I reluctantly got on a treadmill.

Side note on treadmills: what a horrible way to experience running! I'm afraid of falling off (which I've done twice--it's a well-grounded fear) so my posture is protective and not exactly as it would be if I were running on ground. Indoors there is also no moving air, so it gets hot and boring. One run on a treadmill after a LONG season of running outdoors (March through now) has convinced me that it's time to get running tights so I can keep running outside.

So anyway, around mile 2.0 my left knee started to hurt. It wasn't bad, so I thought it was just some tightness and kept running. I really shouldn't have. It is now clear that I am having identical IT issues in the left knee. It hurt like crazy that night, all day Friday, and even some Saturday. I had to skip my Team run on Saturday because of it. I joke that my left knee was jealous of all the attention the right one was getting. I'm just glad I can identify the problem and treat it quickly this time around. I ended up running on Saturday, but not a long run. Just maybe the weather will hold for one more week and I'll get out with the Team next weekend. Mileage update:

420.6 + 4.1 + 3.1 + 3.3 = 431.1


Unknown said...

Just got caught up on your blog. While I can't say much about the SLICE machine, I can say congrats again on a very long season and a great first marathon.

It did seem from your waiting that it was almost everything you envisioned.

Hope to see you on the trails sometime in the future.

Run strong.

The Mr. Robert said...

=/ Feel better soon. Those are some gnarly injuries. I have terrible knees, I can't run more than a 1/4 mile.

I used to be able to run all the time, we'd run miles..... endlessly, but i have tendinitis in my knees and elbows, and JA to boot. No fun.

So my exercise is pretty limited to non-motor activities. :) C'est la vie, alors le mort.