Friday, June 27, 2008

yoga dvd

Recently a friend asked for a recommendation on a yoga dvd. Like me, she was afraid of buying something, getting it home, and realizing that it is really lame. I have a dvd called Yoga & Sculpting by Karen Voight that I've really liked. N borrowed it while I was pregnant and enjoyed it. Like all exercise dvds, once you've done it so many times it starts to get easy, or at least easier, as your body adjusts to the routine. Regardless, I like this and have gotten more than enough distance out of it to recommend it. It has 25 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of pilates, and a 40 minute workout that has a short cardio warm-up, followed by legs, butt, arms & back, and ab workouts.

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Unknown said...

I just ordered it! I'm going to give it a try!