Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A choose your own adventure run

Meg and I planned to meet after work on Monday to run. After I got to work I realized that I had left my sports bra at home. Considering that I've owned only one good one this whole time, I decided that my forgetfulness was a sign from the universe that it was finally time to buy a new sports bra. So Meg and I headed to Target after work to get some gear. Target was great for our summer running gear--good selection, good prices. For fall/winter gear, not so much. I bought a long sleeved shirt, but that was it. Off to Dick's it was.

At Dick's, we both found running pants and I found the sought-after sports bra. Meg also picked up a great pink shirt. It was finally time to run. The only problem was our need to change into our running clothes. The only good running trail we could think of that had a decent bathroom nearby was at Parkland.

At Parkland, we used the women's locker rooms near the gym. From there we had to get to the trail. We couldn't drive over, as the parking lot is closed for road construction. We needed to run to the trail head. We had some issues finding our way through Parkland and to the main road. We ended up running through some grass, walking through buildings, and running along the road that circles the college. We finally got to the college's entrance and crossed the street, only to find no sidewalk leading down to the trail. We cut through the DMV lot and across the back lawn of some business that I've never been able to characterize in any detail. At last, we'd reached the trail!

I don't know how long the trail is. It took us about 25 minutes to run. The trail goes through what looks like an old golf course for some time, then follows a railroad track for a few yards, then joins a path that circles a local lake. I didn't know until our run that the path does indeed entirely circle the lake. It's really nice actually--no back-tracking, nice view. Overall, it's a nice trail. I wouldn't want to run it alone (I don't think any woman would), but with a friend it's a nice option for a run.

We ran back to the trail head then back to the college (following a slightly more direct route this time). I loved the run. The weather was perfect for my newly purchased long sleeved running shirt. It was a trail we hadn't run together and I hadn't run in about a year. It was also fun running through, and on, the still-under-construction road to get to and from our cars. Good times.

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