Thursday, September 13, 2007

Running in early fall

I LOVE running in the fall. I love those evenings when it would be just a bit cool to eat dinner on the patio without a light jacket, but running is perfectly comfortable. Yesterday was one of those days. The high was 70; it had cooled into the 60s by the time I went for my run. The sun was moving toward the horizon, casting long shadows. I had to laugh at my shadow at one point. The shadow of my legs stretched out for about 5 feet on the pavement while the shadow of my torso was only a foot or so.

I did a 30 minute run around a neighboring subdivision. Some dogs were out (behind fences or tied up, thankfully). Several families were out, playing, working on the garage, watering lawns, or just hanging out. The run itself was easy and fun. All around, it was nothing less than beautiful. I'm so thankful for these fall days, enjoyable to the last drop of sunlight.

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