Monday, August 1, 2011

Mondays on Notice: Old Crap

It was 82 degrees with 90% humidity when I woke up this morning. I knew it was going to be beastly and had planned ahead to hit up the gym this morning. I rolled into work around 7:30 and very thankfully made my way to the rec center and hopped on the treadmill. I was settling into my groove just as this internal monologue started rolling through the otherwise still sleeping part of my brain: left foot is kind of hurting. I wonder what's going on. 
[left, right, left, right]
How long have I had these shoes? Aren't these still my "new shoes"? 
[left, right, left, right]
No, you know, this definitely feels like old shoes syndrome. Thank goodness I have a blog! I can go back and check when I got these. Score!

Apparently I've had these since March--they have about 410 miles on them. Time to trade these bad boys in--they've been put on notice!

I'd like some input from y'all. This spring while training for Cleveland I had some foot issues on runs longer than about 10 miles. It felt like a bruise forming where my toes meet the main part of the foot. I considered getting shoes with more cushioning, but backed away from it because the pair pictured above was so new and because the others were so expensive. Now that it's time to replace them, I need to know--is the higher cushioning worth it? Have any of you ever tried them? What did you think? Input please!


Linnea DiBerardino said...

This makes me smile. I have those same shoes and they're still doing pretty good (got them last May). Ha! I am not nearly as awesome as you.

Sarah the Savage said...

As you may recall, I'm a Brooks Adrenaline fan, however, I needed more cushioning post-accident and my LRS advised I get the Asics Gel Kayano. They are great but a bit more expensive. Now I'm using the Adrenalines for short runs and Kayanos for long runs.

And I hear you about the morning low being in the 80s.

Marlene said...

Got to love inner dialogue on a run. Good call on the treadmill. Those are some brutal conditions!

Jessie said...

Do you have a running store that will put you on a treadmill? I am a toe striker and I have the "bruising" issue a lot on the pads of my feet. I just try and think about how I am landing and it normally goes away!

B.o.B. said...

do you wear toe socks? i love mine. i've really been hooked on new balance running shoes lately so check out some their models. also, do you have a big enough shoe? i go up a size.