Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Weekly Check-In: Progress!

Today's weekly check-in is the second installment of getting the blog caught up to life here in the real world. On the weight loss/getting back to speed front, there's mostly good news and a little wrist slapping going on.

The good news is that I'm down another 2lb! This puts me exactly halfway between Fit and Baby and only 1lb over my intermediate goal of reaching my Christmas 2010 weight. Woohoo! I think I can mostly chalk this up to being insanely busy these past two weeks and being constantly on the go. Oh, and I'm back to running. :)

The wrist slapping is that right after I started journaling my food the circus came to town for The Kiddo's birthday party (which was great fun!) and I promptly fell off the journaling wagon. Time to get back on my horse.

I've been thinking lately about the challenges I have to weight loss and the opportunities I have. The biggest among my challenges are simply time and energy. Baby Brother is still a little small for a jogging stroller, so I need to run when Mr. Joanna is home and can watch him. Early morning hours are unlikely because I am so completely sleep deprived (although I did an early AM run today!!). Evening hours haven't worked out yet, but I'm thinking with a little concerted effort, I might be able to make this an opportunity. Sometimes.

Time constraints have been a huge challenge here these past two weeks. The utter insanity around here lately is from a few things. First, remember how we sold our house and moved two years ago? Well, to make a long story short, the sale didn't go through. We've been scrambling to get it cleaned up so new people will love it and buy it. For real this time. On this front, I think the crazy part is over--whew!

Also, I've been back to work part-time while being home with the baby full-time. I've had some regular work projects going on, but by far the craziest part of work is that one colleague and I are moving to another department and are consequently moving our offices...tomorrow. This is highly unusual in higher education, and is usually the result of fairly dramatic circumstances, as was the case here. This is the end product of the madness that I mentioned had been going on at work some time ago. I'm so, SO thankful it's over, and will be happy to return to a calmer work life. The move is a really positive change for us.

I don't have pictures for this post so you get a gratuitous pic of Baby Brother with my Dad. <3


Suz and Allan said...

Congrats on being down another 2 lbs! Hooray for being back in the running game!

Black Knight said...

Glad you are back in the running game.
Also as a grandpa .... I love the pic.
Congrats on the weight loss.