Saturday, May 12, 2007

new distance record

Today was my fourth Saturday morning group "long run." Half-marathoners were to run 4-5 miles, marathoners 5-6 miles. The loop at Meadowbrook Park is 1.85 miles, without a convenient way to do just one mile. Meg and I ran three loops, so about 5.5 miles! That distance was a first for both of us. No aches or pains (although my hams were pretty sore). It was a little cool when we got there, so I ran the first loop with my zippy on, then did a run-by to drop it off with one of the coaches before starting the second loop. We had just amazing weather this morning. A for the run, I'm not saying I was terribly fast, but that's ok for now.

Meg's been a great running partner. I can't remember running with someone so naturally before. If we're doing intervals, we essentially match pace. If we're doing longer distances, we match pace. We just fall in together and it works. I think we end up pushing each other, so it works.

Today was also the deadline for dropping off fundraising letters to Team in Training. If we turned them in this morning TNT would pay the outer postage for us. I didn't turn in very many. I just don't have that many people to send them to. Some I'm dropping off personally. Many people I meet face-to-face or communicate with by email. I'm a long way from my fundraising goal still. I hope the few letters I did send out bring in some contributions.

At practice this morning we had a "motivation moment." We heard the story of a 21-year old who died of a blood cancer last year. His Mom is running in his memory for the Bloomington team. I'm glad my Wednesday coach doesn't share those kinds of moments with us; it's ok to get them just every now and then. Hearing it today brought back to me one of my motivations. Knowing some people affected by blood cancers connects this experience to THON in my mind. THON is so incredible partly because you know your sponsored child, survivors come and speak, and you know the families who look to you for help and hope. THON has moved me to tears that way. Service and evangelism are both SO powerful when you can look the person in the eye. I thank God so much for showing me the joy of serving His awesome will.

And in case anyone was wondering about yesterday's run, it was fun. Nice easy pace. Only about half an hour. I discovered a sidewalk all the way around a "lake" (read: retention basin) in the neighborhood next to ours. I think it's at least a 1/6 mile loop. While running that loop a dog (Norman) decided he wanted to run and play. He wasn't taking no for an answer, so I finally just called out "Who owns Norman?" A guy came out of his garage and took him. It was sort of entertaining. Anyway, it was an easy, fun run.

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