Monday, March 7, 2011

My make it rich quick scheme

So, I was out running the other day and a thought came to me. One year when I was young I had a 365-day Far Side desk calendar. My mom had a 365 Uses for Duck Tape calendar (really, and she's the normal one). I wondered if we could come up with 365 days of running--some combination of running rules, inspirational quotes, very short stories, etc. This is my make it rich quick scheme. It's gonna be huge, I tell ya.

This came to mind as I've been reminded of my most frequent running rule infraction--wearing non-technical fabric head gear. Specifically, my Penn State ear warmer. Because I love it. Ok, and maybe I don't have a tech fabric ear warmer*. The problem is that it does its job for about the first 30 minutes, then does exactly the opposite of its purpose.
* yet--there's one with my name on it at my local running store, as soon as I can go pick it up. Yay!!

What are some other good things I seem to forget rules? Seriously, if this isn't evidence that I need a running desk calendar, I don't know what would be!
  1. Replace your shoes every 300-500 miles. Another rule I'd apparently forgotten until I wondered if I'd cracked a bone in my foot on Saturday. 
  2. Don't eat lots of fiber before a run. True story: Meg once picked me up for our long run and I got into her car carrying a box of Mini Wheats and a Diet Coke (read it here). 
  3. Hydrate after a hard run.Otherwise live with the pounding headache. 
  4. Gu every hour. No more. Or suffer the digestive fallout. 
  5. Buy a good sports bra. As I recently told a friend, "no one should have to wear two bras."
  6. Double layer socks! 
  7. And I think Body Glide almost goes without saying. Definitely a rookie mistake. 
  8. Wear ShoeID or RunnerID or something. It took me getting sketched out by a bright blue all-the-doors-open Hummer in the park to finally put on my ShoeID. 
  9. Don't take a hot bath/shower after a hard run--your muscles will only get more inflamed. It's hard to resist though. 
  10. Per RW, develop mantras to get you through the tough miles. It's not supposed to be easy. 
  11. Always tell someone where you're going and about when you'll be back. 
  12. Buy a foam roller the very first time your hips ever feel stiff. Don't wait. And if it gets worse, go see a physical therapist or sports medicine person immediately. Because it doesn't have to be horrible. And, foam rollers are lots of fun for the whole family. And yes, my living room always looks like a tornado went through. I blame the 2-year-old. Don't judge me.  
    Oh, and they are also really fun to try to describe to The Beastie on Skype. Especially when she "print screens" you and shows you how ridiculous you look.
  13. Your shins will hurt for 2 weeks when you're just starting. And you will be slow. And you might not make it far enough from your house to warrant technical fabrics. And that is all just fine. Everyone starts somewhere. 
  14. The running blog community is freaking awesome. Awesome. Be part of it. 
  15. Celebrate your achievements. I have an Inspired Endurance race tag for each of my marathons and will get another one after Cleveland. I wear them together on a necklace all the time. I also keep my medals displayed to keep me motivated. 
What can you add to the list? Time to strike it rich. And get me a desk calendar. 


Jessie said...

Great post! I love Love Love my foam roller and use it about twice a day regardless. It helps to keep the yuckies away before they come!

Running Around Acres said...

You do look ridiculous holding your roller that way. I forgot how much I missed mine when I loaned it to you. And Lil E looks like he is having a grand time on it.

By the time you get to 50 marathons you will have a pretty strong neck holding all those race tags.

Rule 16 - No Monster (or any type of energy drink) before a long run unless you have a very strong intestinal fortitude.

Joanna said...

#17: Do not do long runs at race pace

Run Jess Run said...

Great post!

Here's another rule--don't eat a quarter pounder w/cheese meal from McDonald's and then take a 2 hour nap before a run. Your attempts to sleep off the hamburger isn't like sleeping off 4 beers.

Marla said...

The picture of you with the roller cracked me up. I needed that today.