Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And so it begins

While I'm not actually employed, I'm at work right now. I came in to organize some data sets and get them to my old supervisor before I head out of town. Of course, my former employer's tech support has made that task impossible, and so while I wait for them to figure things out I thought I would post some updates.

Appendix Updates
The IV bruises on my arms are finally fading. The three sets of stitches on my abdomen appear to be healing, although my belly button is still QUITE the hot mess. My range of motion and ease of motion has steadily improved since the big event. I'm planning to go to the park this Saturday to at least walk a few miles while the Team does their long run. I might, *might* run a little bit. Slowly.

Move Updates
I reserved our moving truck yesterday! I also packed a box from our closet and a small box from the babe's room. I've filled out the online form to have our mail forwarded starting in a couple weeks. Utility companies on the other end will be called tomorrow. I've made a list of everyone that needs to be notified of the move. The list keeps growing, of course, but at least it's written down. A folder of receipts has been started. Things are slowly but very concretely coming together. It's exciting and still a little surreal. My parents are giving us their dining room furniture. Getting THAT moved to the new place is a whole separate debacle.

Ok--gotta go. Hopefully I'll have a running update on Saturday!


Run Jess Run said... I hate thee...hope things go smoothly!

Running Around Acres said...

Don't run too much. Leave little Miss Competitive home. :)