Monday, July 18, 2011

Mondays On Notice: Mobile Blogging Edition

Hello world! I feel like that's the proper greeting now that we're back from our trip, which involved several days completely off the grid (more on that below). I'm 100% ready to call it a day, but wanted to shout out my Monday on Notice before it's not Monday any more.

Today's Monday on Notice is brought to you by my attempt to blog via the Blogger App. As some of you know, I'm kinda new to the whole 21st-century-cell-phone, what with it's apps and so forth. I know, I was the last hold out on that campaign. Well, after posting twice with minimal intervention via a laptop, I decided I was ready to go all-mobile-app-blogging.


I don't even know how to make a blog screw up its formatting the way my last post got screwed up. So, if you skipped over it because it was, well, illegible, give 'er another shot. She's all fixed up now, and man, was it an awesome run!! Mobile blogging has been put on Notice and the formatting is fixed!

So about the trip--it was awesome. It was exactly what I needed on so many levels. I'll tell you all about it in a bigger post tomorrow, but as a quick intro, we hit up Mountain Lake, VA (with some family), then Snowshoe, WV, then Spruce Knob, WV (my favorite place on earth), then Seneca Rocks, WV (where I got to hang out with my BFF, Jamie!!), then a crazy drive through WV today and flew back to the Midwest. A lot of these places are really remote. Snowshoe is actually in a Federally regulated quiet zone administered by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (read: NO cell service). I think it's regulated at least in part because the Green Bank Observatory (awesome, check it out here) is nearby. Spruce Knob is used by astronomy groups and recently had a small observatory built on it because it's one of the last "dark" spots on the eastern seaboard. I feel so incredibly blessed to know about these places, and to have such wonderful friends to visit with when we go. 

Must sleep--more coming soon!

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