Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Recap

Miles ran: 61.6
Rest days: 15
Highest mileage week: 18.3
Long runs: 0
Pace workouts: 4
XT days:  a big fat zero....this will be changing later this month.  
Tempo or interval runs: 2
Favorite run: my standard 4-miler on 6/29. I got an average pace of 8:41, which felt great! I finally let myself attack the pace again after the few days of back issues before that.  
Current goal: consistent 16-20 mile weeks with maintained speed. 
Current obsession: still decorating! I got the shipping notice for our sofas a few days ago, so they should be here soon. Also, I am almost finished painting our bedroom and the search for decor has commenced. I love doing this SO much! I love making our house something I feel good about and enjoy. 
Current need: materially, there really isn't anything I need right now. But I do need some rest. And it's coming! We have a vacation planned, but I'm not going to tell you where, what, or when until we're back. :) So you'll just have to wait. 
Current excitement: Feeling like I'm getting back into the swing of things. I feel like I'm slowly regaining control.   
Current bane of my existence: I know I sound like an insufferable ray of sunshine here, but honestly, if all I can complain about is the state of the closets in our house, life is pretty fantastic. But the closets, yeah. They are pretty bad! Maybe I should take before and after pictures. 
Current wish list: a new bathing suit 
Current indulgence: DECORATING! And Schlafly Pale Ale. Because it's summertime. 


Running Around Acres said...

Good job on the running. I hope to keep up with you this month and going forward. I actually ran yesterday to get back started.

Get back to the roller and yoga(ing) to keep those pesky aches away.

How fast is Elliott now? Do I need to send him a Couch to 1 mile training plan yet?

have fun with all the painting and decorating this summer.

Tricia said...

great job on the runs!