Saturday, November 1, 2008

back at it

After Wednesday's track practice I finished the week with a 2.7 mile Friday afternoon run. Feeling pretty good about my gentle return to training after the Indy half, I headed out this morning for my long run. The schedule for today said 8 miles. I was thankful for the cut-back in mileage, since I've been easing back into training. What a beautiful morning! It's November and I was wearing shorts! The leaves were magnificent in the park. It was the perfect long run to get back into things. By early afternoon I was surprisingly sore already. I feel like I'm heading into the long haul now. It feels good.

Fundraising is going more slowly than I had hoped. I had a few nice donations from friends this week, but I haven't heard back from the corporate and institutional contacts I've tried. Hopefully there will be some news this week!

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