Monday, June 2, 2014

May Recap

With absolutely no preamble, here's what I've been looking forward to shouting from the rooftops for about a week: this was my highest mileage month ever! Except, it wasn't. By less than 1 mile, the month preceding my last full marathon was my longest. Considering that I'm training for a half and not a full, I think this is still worthy of celebration! Here's more about my month.

Total miles ran: 147.6

# runs planned/ran: 23/21

Other workouts planned/done: a big fat zero/and a big fat zero

Most memorable run: I have to name 2 long runs here. First, my 15 mile long run, both because it was a do-over from the shorter run I did with a training friend in the rain the day before, and because I had the city all to myself in the quiet early morning.

Second, the long run I did in Indy on May 17 on the Monon Trail. Read about that here.

Hardest run: This is a toss-up between my mile repeats and last week's tempo run. Since then, I've realized that I mis-read the schedule for the tempo run and was attempting to make it much harder than it actually was. The mile repeats were just brutal though. That pace! Yikes! And I love mile repeats!

Firsts: May saw my first Yasso 800s. Read more about that here. I also for the first time did a 15 mile long run before a half-marathon.

House projects finished: Our master bathroom and closet are FINALLY 98% of the way finished and we've actually started using both spaces. It feels like an incredible luxury to shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, and dry my hair all in the same place. And, it's gorgeous. Huge shout out to The Design House for making that happen!! Other house projects finished:

  • I removed the curtain rod and existing curtain from the beautiful Craftsman window in our office and am loving seeing the window trim!
  • My Mom made the sheer for the window in our closet, replacing a homemade roman shade that was here when we moved in (and which no longer worked adequately)
  • We got a new light for the man cave and it looks great!
  • Our parents all pitched in on gardening and got our front beds cleaned up substantially
  • My parents re-stained our porch furniture
The office is up next. Our house is coming along. I'm hoping that in another full year we'll have all the paint, curtains, decor, etc done to our liking--can't wait!

What I'm looking forward to in June: 
  • My friend Rachel's visit for the Utah Valley Half!! She is delightful and we're already planning all sorts of fun things to get into. 
  • And the race. I've trained so hard! 
  • Next week I'll cross the 500 mile mark for the year, which I've never done so early in the year. 
  • Continuing to train with and hang out with my SLRC girls!!
  • Switching to Training Version 2014.3, as I switch into full-marathon mode after the half in 2 weeks. 
  • Some non-running things: welcoming a new nephew into the world! (I'll get to meet him in July), celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary, getting caught up a bit at work and starting to transition into a new role there. 

How'd your May shape up? Looking forward to those recaps.

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Jodi H said...

You are doing a fantastic job! I love that you are trying a different training plan for your half! I can't wait to see how it works for you!! Keep up the good work! Loving your May recap!!