Monday, May 12, 2014

The Internet's Latest April Recap

Ok, ok. I wasn't going to do an April recap. Then I had to go through my stats anyway to figure out how old my shoes were (400+ miles old!). Then it seemed silly not to write one. So, I'm posting the world's most ridiculously tardy-to-the-party April recap.

Total miles: 103.7, making this I think my first ever set of back-to-back triple digit months!

# runs: 16

# other workouts: 2. I went to yoga two whole times.

Favorite run: The Salt Lake Half!! A new PR! A race with new friends! Beautiful weather and got to see my family mid-race.

Setbacks: Part of the reason this post is so late is that I had to put together mileage from two different Garmins and miles kept just on paper. I'm thankful that I was able to get a new Garmin when the old one died though, so it's not a complaint!

An update on the Achilles: it continues to hurt some, but I've been better about foam rolling and that seems to help a lot. I'm going to keep at it and hope it continues to improve.

House projects completed: It's not exactly a house project, but I did finish a baby sweater. And now I'm working on a Christmas stocking for one of my nieces.

Significant progress has been made on our bathroom and some other projects, but nothing is finished yet. Hopefully I'll have updates by the end of May!

April also saw both my birthday and my younger son's 2nd birthday. In case I've never mentioned it, I love cake. 

Training update: After Salt Lake, I more or less took off the following week (I ran twice). Then I completed the workouts Monday through Wednesday of the following week, then promptly got sick, missing the Thursday through Sunday runs. The following Monday I did part of my scheduled workout, and have been back on track since. I have a little under 5 weeks to go until the Utah Valley Half!! (note: I replaced my shoes before my 5/10 long run)

My training schedule is way more aggressive than what I'd been doing, and I'm loving it. I've surprised myself by being able to hit my training paces consistently. Fingers crossed for a new PR!

Things I'm enjoying/looking forward to in May: 
  • First and foremost, to have our bathroom and closet finished!! I'm so over the dust and disorganization that accompanies home renovations.
  • Also, early May brought the end of the semester and my release from grading jail--woohoo!! 
  • The grandparents are visiting for my older son's birthday later this month. 
  • Focusing on the next two weeks of training, as they are the peak of the training cycle for Utah Valley. 
At long last, there you have it. April in review. I'd say I'm looking forward to reading everyone's, but I think I already have!

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