Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Makes Runners Different

You've all heard it: "You're running how far? You're CRAZY! I could never do that!" This conversation is so common that it doesn't merit mention anymore. But the exchange I had with a cashier at the grocery store this morning does.

For the past 24 hours, our region has been bracing for a supposedly huge winter storm. Most schools were closed today, even one area university (not mine), and there's been a run on grocery stores. The storm was scheduled to move in sometime late this morning and linger into tomorrow. So, like any sensible runner, I dropped my older son off at school this morning, then headed to the store to stock up on snow day snacks before heading home to get my run in.

At the store, I collected my stockpile of goodies (to which I later added hot chocolate and marshmallows):

Just as I was wrapping up the check-out process, the cashier said, "Try not to slip and slide on the roads out there!" I turned and looked out the front window of the store, then looked at him, "It's 30 degrees outside and dry as a bone. I'm going running."
Cashier: "In this weather!?!"
Me: "I've attended picnics* in worse weather."
To which I received a slightly horrified, disbelieving stare that clearly communicated, "this lady is out of her dang mind."

And you know what? I went home. I changed into running clothes. I ran, and it was great. Cold, not a strong wind, quiet, easy. A perfect 4 miles. 

And then I came home, changed again, worked for 20 minutes while the snow and ice started, then went back and picked up my son from school. I wasn't going to risk being on the roads with him after the ice & snow had accumulated for several hours. What do you think I am, crazy? ;)

* and by "picnic" I clearly mean "tailgate", the attendance of which, and the football game itself, rendered both fans and players "badasses" and "loyal", not "crazy people". Double standards, people. 


Running Girl said...

I'm a northwest native, so running in the rain makes other people think I'm nuts. Fact of life, people. SOmetimes I'd just rather splash through puddles than suffer on the treadmill any longer. :-)

Raquelita said...

Haha! There have been points the past couple of winters when 30 degrees felt like balmy weather. Perfect for a picnic. :) I hope you guys enjoy the snow day snacks and family time together!