Monday, February 20, 2012

Mondays in Love: Two-thirds

It seems like it's been far more than a week since last Monday. Is that just me? Ok, so this Mondays in Love is all about the fraction two-thirds. Two-thirds of it is about running, and two-thirds of it is about things I actually loved.

#1: Running and Thing I Loved
Friday morning I greeted the day with the best run I've had in weeks. It was sunny and crisp at about 30 degrees. The miles clipped by at what now seems fast: 10:11, 10:33, 10:18, and a slower cool-down mile. After a pretty stressful week, it was just what I needed. That feeling of being free. That feeling of smiling because I felt so free. The beautiful morning. love the run. It was perfect.

#2: Thing I Loved and Not Running
Donuts. Specifically, heart-shaped homemade baked donuts, made with the kiddo. I impulse purchased a donut pan a few weeks ago and it had been crying about its neglect ever since. It came with a recipe on the back that was easy to make and tastes yummy.

#3: Running and Thing I Did Not Love
You've almost certainly heard of the tendency for enormously pregnant women to nest. Well, I'm there. I've taken to washing practically everything that isn't nailed down, and feel the need to get out the baby clothes, wash them and get everything organized. Some of this I've made myself wait to do, but a lot of it I've started. Well, yesterday morning it seemed like a great idea to mop the first floor of my house. WRONG. Yes, my floors are gloriously clean. But my back has also been killing me since then. It hurts to walk across the house, which meant my planned afternoon run/walk was promptly cancelled. Boo!! Here's to hoping I'm back up and running--literally--within a few days!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Yummy looking donuts! I think I would love them too! You should check out my blog today, you might find some good news there :)

Black Knight said...

You are fast! Glad for the fast run in a beautiful morning.
I love the donuts and also the muffin (both impossible to find here).
I hope your back feels better soon.

Elle said...

Hope your back is right again soon... those donuts look gorgeous!

Raquelita said...

I hope your back doesn't stay sore for long! Back pain is the worst.

Now I am craving a donut....

Damaris said...

wowwie! those donuts look great - and i'm not even a big fan of donuts. :) i hope your back gets to working again soon.

Suz and Allan said...

You are one very speedy pregnant lady! Keep it up Joanna!

Redhead Running said...

Those donuts look delish!!! Good job momma!

Nesting cracks me up! I watched a few of my friends go in to that mode while pregnant and I would mess with them on purpose! :) LOL!

Marlene said...

Oh those home made donuts look sooo good!!!

Hope your back is feeling better. Your nesting instincts should give you a free pass to make the hubby do the strenuous jobs. :)