Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The perfect 10-miler

This past Saturday we hit the 10-mile mark in preparation for the Indy half. It was the best 10 mile run ever. The weather was perfect and we felt good. Leading up to that run I was a little bit nervous, but afterwards I'm just excited about the race. So much so that I finally registered! So, two and a half weeks to go. Wooohooo!!!

Someone asked how fundraising is going, so I thought I'd add a bit about that. I ended up selling another $100 worth of stuff from my yard sale. I have a bake sale next week and another one the week after. So I'm up to about $750 and still counting.

And in Elliot news, he was 14.0 lb. at his 4-month check-up. He's doing the things he's supposed to be doing and he's doing well. His baptism is the weekend of the race. We're really looking forward to it. Our families are planning to come out for it. We're also thrilled to have some great sponsors for Elliot. :)

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