Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My inaugural giveaway

I've debated long and hard about this giveaway. See, I'm much better at big decisions than small ones. Our biggest decisions are almost always answered through prayer. Other big decisions somehow find answers by a variety of means. But the little stuff? That I agonize over. Like the decision about this giveaway.

But here's the truth: I can't wear this shirt. It taunts me. I open the drawer and see it and immediately find something else. But it needs redemption, from one of you. And that's why it's the subject of this, my inaugural giveaway. Laugh with me as I say, this might be the worst giveaway ever.

So what's the prize? My Kick Assphalt shirt. And why am I afraid of it? Because, ironically, I fell really hard while wearing it, as pictured below and described here. If you recall, it was banned (by popular vote) for the duration of my Lewis & Clark training cycle in the fall. And then it just stayed in retirement. 

The shirt is clean (read: did not get blood on it when I fell) and only gently worn, showing virtually no signs of wear. It's a technical shirt, made by One More Mile. It's a women's size L.

So what do you need to do to enter The JoannaRuns Inaugural Giveaway?
1. For one entry, follow this blog and let me know that you do.
2. For a second entry, leave me a comment telling me how you found this blog.

I will pick a winner next Monday! Open to US residents only.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Love the T-Shirt! Well I guess Ill be seeing you at Martian! Cant wait to follow you training. Martian will be my first half! Im so excited!